May 12 • 1HR 7M

PoolTogether Community Podcast #19 with Adrien and Zdeadex from Ledger

Safety, security, and a little bit of alpha! Also, which sports team is sponsored by Ledger.

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Join Richard and Oops as they discuss some of the latest goings on in Crypto, DeFi and of course PoolTogether! Often with special guests and always a lot of fun and deep knowledge
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PoolTogether and Ledger get together to talk security, scams, tokens, and what it’s like for normies to even comprehend what a hardware wallet is. Listen in as we discuss some of Ledger’s future plans, and Adrien and Zdeadex answer questions from the community.

In this episode we talk about:

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Join us next week as we interview PoolTogether Contributor Smart Investor!