May 20 • 59M

PoolTogether Community Podcast #20 with Smart Investor from PoolTogether

Music NFTs, Coins with Many Zeroes, and Crypto Research Methods from a PoolTogether OG

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Join Richard and Oops as they discuss some of the latest goings on in Crypto, DeFi and of course PoolTogether! Often with special guests and always a lot of fun and deep knowledge
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This week, Smart Investor joins us on the pod! As an OG member of the PoolTogether Community, Smart Investor started the podcast and community newsletter as well as helped get the marketing working group off the ground.

In this episode, we discuss Smart Investors’ token investment strategy, music NFTs, Wrestling Metaverse, and our favorite science fiction reads.

There are so many links dropped, so you can catch them all in the Discord thread.

Next week, The Crypto Trader Glen Goodman is on the pod, and watch out for a special Permissionless Bonus Episode coming soon.