Jul 16, 2022 • 51M

PoolTogether Community Podcast #29 with Links from Bankless

Wen Bankless Card? Wen Bankless Card? Wen Bankless Card? Wen Bankless Card?

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Bankless has a credit card? Not yet my friends but soonTM. Links from Bankless DAO is leading a project to create a card for the bankless… a card for the cashless… a card for the crypto curious.

Join us as we discuss, yes, the card, but also how to thrive in a massive DAO such as Bankless, how to get big ideas off the ground, and how to find the balance between long governance posts that no one reads to bulleted lists that need more beefiness.

You can also hear me try to land a PoolTogether X Bankless partnership right there in our discord. Feel free to send me suggestions for my pitch!

Next week: Anne and Charles from Project Galaxy

Oh and one more thing: You hear me talk about the Multi-delegator Tool all the time, so check out how you can use stables to add prizes to your community at no-loss to your treasury! Community member ncookie made this site and it’s so good!