Jul 20, 2022 • 52M

PoolTogether Community Podcast #30 with Anne and Charles from Project Galaxy

Known and loved by the PoolTogether Community, Project Galaxy brings tools to everyone's web3 toolboxes!

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The PoolTogether Community Podcast is community-led and community-driven!
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PoolTogether knows a thing or two about Project Galaxy. We did a whole Pool Party with them and everything!

Project Galaxy is your one-stop shop for web3 credentials, and they make it super easy to run your own NFT campaigns to reward engagement, attendance, or like, whatever you want!

Anne, CMO, and Charles, Co-Founder, share the origin story of Project Galaxy, how they invented soulbound tokens (maybe), web3 marketing strategy, and how you can use their platform to engage and reward your community.

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Next Week: Actual Rockstar Lyrah on design and Music NFTs