Aug 10, 2022 • 59M

PoolTogether Community Podcast #33 with Livster from the PoolTogether Community

Writer and multiple DAO contributor Livster shares web3 wisdom with us all

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The PoolTogether Community Podcast is community-led and community-driven!
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PT Community Member Liv Pasquarelli joins us on the pod with book suggestions, web3 career advice, and moving from talented writer to… talented web3 writer and Social Media Manager at Interlay.

Whether it’s RadarDAO, BoysClub.Eth, Tezos NFTs, or the book Crossing the Chasm (plus other books, and then more books!)… Livster is always a great source of alpha. We laughed. We cried (cap). We talked about cats. We wrestled with POAP farmers. It was great.

We missed you in the PT Discord! See you there on Wednesday at 1:30pm ET next week?

Next week: 0xJoshua from Opolis (with a special deal for Poolers!)