The Richard Show - Episode 1

The first episode (after the Prelude) of The Richard Show w/ Rliriano & Oops has officially aired!


H-H-Hits from the DAO! It's official. Welcome to the IPO (Initial Podcast Offering) of The Richard Show! Join them, as Richard is being taken back to old times by Oops’ tunes.

Topics they touch:

  • OlympusDAO

  • Stable Coins

  • Matcha

  • Transaction Fees

  • Options in crypto

  • Impersonators

  • Rarible x Adobe

  • NFT PFPs & Oops looking apes

  • Fine Art

  • Richard’s favorite artist

  • GameFi

    + much more!

The Richard Show is about two crypto-citizens discussing various crypto news and topics with the goal of educating and enlightening listeners. 😉 *richardsmiley*