PoolTogether Community Newsletter #4

What PoolTogether needs to launch on new chains, no more farming, OlympusPro, Dune Analytics, PoolTogether on Crypto Sapiens Podcast, Gov Weekly & more

Hey Poolers 🌊🏆

I myself never really knew my way around saving money. Even if I managed to put away a little bit, I always found another reason to liquidate it again later on. The only kind of rewarding feeling I got was when the whole thing was over, and I took my money back out to spend it on what ever stuff I wanted. Back at zero. That’s boring and there is no end-game.

PoolTogether changed this. Adding to my savings and seeing the odds increase with it gives me a thrill every time. Checking prizes has already become a daily ritual and winning a prize does not make me want to take the money out, but rather encourages me to deposit even more.

PoolTogether is more than just a No Loss Lottery, it's a prize savings account.

What does PoolTogether need to launch on a new chain? ⛓️

The new PoolTogether launched on October 16, but that doesn't mean development on the protocol and dApp have stopped. Many of you were asking how find out their odds in winning, and now it’s here! You can view your odds in winning at least one prize per drawing on the accounts tab. Also the V4 pool was now integrated into the main UI, making it easier to spot.

What's next? A common question that’s asked on discord is about integrations of other networks. But what does PoolTogether need to launch on a new chain?

1️⃣ V4 operates by moving liquidity between chains in a Prize Pool Network. To do that the protocol needs a strong bridge.

2️⃣ The protocol is built on smart contracts that handle digital assets. To ensure security and prevent unauthorized access to the funds a good multi-sig is required. PoolTogether is using Gnosis Safe.

3️⃣ The prizes you can win on PoolTogether are made up of the yield that is generated by all deposits combined in the Prize Pool Network. The integration with Aave has proven to be a safe and tested option.

If you add 1️⃣, 2️⃣, and 3️⃣ you get a safe chain to launch on. Currently there are two networks that almost check all boxes, and could most likely be the next steps:

  1. Arbitrum has a strong bridge, Gnosis Safe is live and Aave will be launching soon.

  2. Avalanche has the bridge we need and Aave is up and running. Gnosis Safe has announced to launch on Avalanche before the end of the year.

The farming is over 🐳

Incentive Driven Growth → Product Market Driven Growth

Besides from the $USDC pool, all inflationary $POOL farming opportunities have now ended. As you can see here the $USDC pool will go on for another 12 days, before its last drip will be dripped as well. 💦 This moves the protocol from distributing 5000 $POOL token to only 400 per day. New ways of $POOL distribution will be re-introduced to V4 on a later stage. Join the governance forum if you want to be part of the discussion.

$POOL-holders are still able to earn incentives through providing liquidity on ETH/POOL, the $POOL pool and via OlympusPro. This way only individuals that have interested in the growth of the protocol are rewarded, and the token is not being farmed & dumped out of pure financial interest.

OlympusPro Ω

The OlympusPro Bonds program has started. Click here to bond $POOL on Ethereum Mainnet with OlympusPro. To find more about the program you should have a look at the discussions on the governance forum:

Olympus Pro LP bonds
Olympus Pro LP Proposal
PTIP-40: Olympus LP incentives & POOL pool Distribution

Twitter avatar for @PoolTogether_PoolTogether 🌊🏆 @PoolTogether_
Proposal 40 has passed! - POOL distribution to farmers has ended ✅ - Olympus Pro program has started:
pro.olympusdao.finance The new PoolTogether is here: v4.pooltogether.com/deposit

PoolTogether 🌊🏆 @PoolTogether_

Proposal 40 is live for voting! Discussion: https://t.co/SNt2TGZMz6 Vote: https://t.co/dw7AwUc3gz

Crypto is changing lives: Leonel’s Story

Read the full story on Argent Community.

Dune Analytics Update📈

While we were all busy checking prizes, our friend Sarfang kept building on the Dune Analytics Dashboard. The dashboard is an awesome tool to visualize lots of valuable information and insight on V4, which would without some knowledge about smart contract probably not be possible. See what's new.

Governance Weekly 🧑‍⚖️

by Tangfeng
Week 43: Follow me to Boardroom.

Listen 🎧

Crypto Sapiens is a podcast by BanklessDAO that hosts weekly discussions with innovative web3 builders. Leighton, Mkkoll and Gio.eth joined their latest episode and talked about building DeFi primitives, the PoolTogether protocol and their stories.

I know you can't get enough of PoolTogether, so I've curated a playlist with all Podcasts about and around our favorite No Loss Lottery. Also make sure to keep an eye on The Richard Show.

Watch 📺

🎵 PoolTogether on Tiktok: boysclub.eth

Read 📚

🏠 Crypto is changing lives: Leonel’s Story
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Ω Olympus Pro — Introducing Cohort 2 Launch Partners
🍄 $TCAP is taking over the lootbox for the gUSD pool

Vote for PoolTogether features on Zapper ⚡

Let Zapper now that you want to see all your PoolTogether features integrated on their dApp:

In case you missed it... 🎗️

🛒 PoolTogether Merch Store (credit: blakeburrito.eth)
🔎 Data Dashboard (credit: underthesea)
💦 Where's the Drip? (credit: underthesea)
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Prize Talk 🏆

You know what's the best marketing? Personal success stories. So why not tell your story? Share your luck with the world and make sure to tag @PoolTogether_#prizewave.

PoolTogether has the power to change lives. The $sOHM pool just turned a 🐟 to a 🐳 within a single drawing:

Thanks for sticking around, frens & poolers. That's all I have for this week. All you have to do now is subscribe and hop on the Discord. See you all around the pool! 👋